Over Whitacre Parish Council Election 2 May 2019 (Uncontested Election)

Members (Uncontested)

Phil Mason, Chris Jones

Members (Co-opted) 

Rita Poulson, Carlo Fontanella

Clerk to the Parish Council  

Liz Chandler E-mail owpc@hotmail.co.uk      Telephone 01675 481129

The appointed members of Over Whitacre Parish Council are there to represent residents of the Parish in an open and transparent way.

A Meeting of Over Whitacre Parish Council is held in the Village Hall on the second Thursday each month at 7.30pm. All members of the public are welcome to attend
Please contact the Clerk for more information

The Clerk to the Parish Council
3, Tamworth Road, Furnace End, Coleshill.
B46 2LL
01675 481129

The normal Agenda of a Meeting of the Parish Council is as follows;

1) Evacuation procedure

2)Any apologies for absence (Members)

3) Minutes of Last Meeting ( for Members approval)

4) Public participation ( maximum thirty minutes allowed)

5) Matters Arising ( since last Meeting)

6) Planning Matters ( planning & development)

7) Finance

8) Correspondence

9) Parish Matters (other than above)

10) Date of the next Meeting of OWPC

For information and contact details relating to NORTH WARWICKSHIRE BOROUGH COUNCILLORS representing residents and businesses in the Ward of Arley & Whitacre (including Over Whitacre)  PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW http://www.northwarks.gov.uk/councillors/specificWard/1/arley_and_whitacre

To contact Marcus Jones Member of Parliament for Over Whitacre click the following link    http://www.marcusjones.org.uk/

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